Saturday, 6 October 2018


This has been an activity I have been waiting, postponing and missing out on all at the same time for months! Asides from the fact that it's soooo hard to get across to the organizers.
But still, I pressed on and didn't give up hope *straightface*

And then, one lucky day,  I checked their Instagram page- @secretcinemalagos and yippeee!!! The date that was scheduled for the next one was more than convenient- Independence Day! *grin*

I decided to invite a friend of mine whose birthday was just a couple of days before then.
Cause we are both 'serial organizers', we planned way ahead to get some drinks, ice cream and pizza. But yet, someway, somehow, our pizza got lost in the delivery lane and we left the venue quite famished *rolls eyes* But then we said, 'Not today Satan. Not today.'

The atmosphere was pretty relaxing as there was some music playing and everyone was just having a chill time lying on the grass, nibbling and socializing before and during the movie. Plus, thank heavens it didn't rain.

The movie of the evening

It's really refreshing to see how much Nigerians are stepping out of the box by coming up with new initiatives that relate to social activities. This is a big plus cause this is so my kind of hangout. Which means, I'll definitely do this again, with the sister this time, seeing as that was the initial plan and she was a tad bit upset (just a tad) that I 'ditched' her for 'man' (well, not exactly in that context)

N.B: And yet another item struck-off my Bucket List! :)

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Splash, Read, Click...Flash!

Ok I am wayyy behind schedule on this post...well for one part of it.

Remember my bucket list? Well, due to life as we know it, I obviously couldn't strike them all out as soon as I hoped. But I am definitely still on track with the target being the Big 3.0 (which is in 3 years time just in case you were curious.)
Now that shouldn't be much of a stretch now, should it?

So far I have got about two more done and two still in progress (cause you wall agree with me that saving AND reading are inexhaustible).

First off, I FINALLY went kayaking (with the sis of course) after she returned from her trip to Zimbabawe and so many months of planning and postponing. Well, the sis is a momma of two now so that pretty much tells you who 'owns' her time. Not that I am complaining, I love my niblings to bits!

The owner of the business, Ms. Diane (we had no idea she wasn't Nigerian untill we met her at the dock) was so warm and patient in putting us through the task.
Just a few weeks ago, we learnt that she passed away. So sad :(
Here is hoping that this awesome initiative won't be put in the back burner now that she's gone.

A couple of months ago in my office, we discovered a truck load of novels that were stored up by an ex-colleague for a project of some sort. 

Just the sight of all these books made me giddy like a kid in a candy store.

There was this one time that I did not go to work for two days (cause YOLO) stayed in bed and read three novels at a go making that four in less than a week. 

In other words, bliss.


Felt like forever since I did that. It was like coming back to my first love (which was way before food found it's way into my heart)

I am not much of a girly girl but I've always wanted to have a professional photo shoot done for my birthday, with the dress up, make up and all the shenanigans that go with it. 
And Anny Robert, my friend and course mate from back in University who happens to be a photographer made the cut. 

Need I say he did a fine job! Some folks thought I was some upcoming celebrity or something.
Ha! Pretty soon this space!

Check out more of his work on Instagram: @anny_robert. So simple, but yet so beautiful.

In other news, here's a picture of my pretty feet in a pretty pair of slippers gifted to me from the pretty sis.
#WithLoveFromZimbabwe ❤

PS: Today is her birthday :)
*and the crowd cheeeeeerssss* HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG SIS!!!

Friday, 10 August 2018

The Foodie Diary - 27th July, 4th & 8th August 2018

On the 27th July, just two days after payday I was 'hella' broke, (true story) but you know this deep craving for food (being hummus in this scenario) that's beyond your budget and only comes when you've got 'nada' in your wallet? (Did you see what I done? *wink*)
Well, that feeling in my belly hit me that very day.

And what did I do? That's right. I succumbed cause I was so darn hungry and I couldn't even be bothered. Plus, He supplies all my there :)

So I walked into BL Restaurant with my head held high like I had a million bucks and placed my order for a portion of hummus with meat and some balloon bread.
I really can't explain it but I felt really good when I paid for the meal with pretty much the last 3,500 naira in my account.

Need I say that it was worth every penny. Plus it reminded me so much of my childhood in Sudan :)

Side note: I just love the little brown plastic takeaway bowl the hummus is served in. Don't know why, but it makes it taste even yummier in my head.

The 4th of August was my birthday (whoopdidoo! I'm getting old! *sniff*) and I had brunch with some friends-turned-family at The Backyard.
I got a steak sandwich with potato wedges...yum yum!!

And then, the 8th of August brought forth a meal that switched the spaghetti experience in my life to a whole other level. I can still taste the awesomeness in my mouth. *sigh*
Apparently, my colleague and I have our birthdays back to back (hers is on the 5th of August) and our boss decided to give us a treat.
She placed a call to Hot Hobs and ordered the Classic Spaghetti with meatballs for both of us. My word, was it all shades of DELICIOUS!

I honestly can't describe it well enough so let this little clip do the talking.

I'll just leave that there...

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Music & Lyrics: Vol 7

It's been a WHILE since the lyrics of a song overwhelmed me (in a good way), and Naked by Ella Mai happens to be the 'new boo'.
Reason being? It's so me! Sounds exactly like the message I will love to pass across in a song so people will understand me better.

This points more to my 'mushy' side.

Yep, I've got one of those too.
Shocker, I know. Call me Tough-Soft-Cookie.

And no, I don't have any tattoos...yet. Hehe.

Just kidding...or am I? *smirk*

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Shame on You :)

Body-Shaming- 'The practice of purposely making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person's body size or weight.'
The key word here being ‘purposely’.

This is psychological bullying in my opinion and it definitely goes beyond just body weight.

The society is becoming more conscious of Body-Shaming as hashtags and posts are doubling at a fast rate on social media with the aim of raising awareness.
This 'campaign' has rubbed off on many people, one of such being a really good way.

Flash back to my childhood.
I come from a family of people with 'real African features' ('blame' it on my maternal grandfather).
We've got the thick (otherwise termed pomo) lips, the wide forehead, the big teeth (call us the 'Close Up Advert Family' *grins*) and of course, our 'trademark' being the large flat nose, which was the bane of my facial attributes...or so I thought.
Like come on! You had to be large AND flat??? Seriously dude...pick a struggle.

Fast forward to my teens when I learnt the skill of making fun of my nose ahead of anyone else so I could laugh at myself before anyone else did. Quite smart huh? And yes, it helped boost my confidence a notch.

There was this one I always did that cracked my classmates up. I'd mimic JayZ's facial expression in the Show Me What You Got music video, just because.

Yep. That's the one.

As you must have noticed, he and I pretty much have the same nose and lips size, so I always nailed it *shrug*

Move on further to my adolescence and I slowly lost the need to shield my insecurities about my nose because people seemed to notice it less...and so did I.

Then one day, I took a selfie, posted it on my WhatsApp story and my friend-turned-sister commented that she didn't really like the picture. I laughed and sent her another shot to advise me on whether or not it was a better choice to post instead.
Her response was, 'Your nose is too obvious in this one.'

For a second or two, I felt a little pinch.

You will expect that now, as an adult, such comments shouldn't get to me anymore, but it kinda sorta did, even though it shouldn’t have.

Don't get me wrong. My friend did not mean any harm seeing as we both laughed about it seconds afterwards. Funny enough, people make fun of her height, calves and gums but she shakes them off. (Plus she is the Queen of Clap Backs, trust me! Lol.)
But then, I asked myself, how would I have reacted if it was someone that wasn't close to me that made that statement? Would I have brushed it off, given that person a tongue lash or just walked away feeling a tad bit hurt?

You won't believe a few weeks after I actually contemplated having nose surgery.
It's hilarious cause even if I was being serious, my account balance is too measly to 'blow' on such procedure. Plus, to do it in Nigeria will be a scare.

Bottom line, the insecurity about my facial features reared its ugly head again and I started feeling self-conscious anytime someone said or did something that might or might not relate to my face.

A friend of mine once laughed and said in response to me after I pointed out how 'nicely different' I  look with a smaller nose when I use filters on SnapChat, 'Everyone's nose looks better with SnapChat filters'.
It was a funny statement, but also a good way of putting my body-shaming thoughts in check.

Then I thought to myself a few days back, how ridiculous it is for me to pay attention to something that is so irrelevant to who I am as a person. And I am so freaking awesome!
I had to mentally focus on my other features that make me feel great about myself and kick the rest to the curb. I mean, He made me in His image, so if I body-shame myself it's as good as shaming the work of His hands, isn't it?
Having a big nose is NOT an abnormality. In fact, it gives me character. (Yep. I did my research *sticks tongue out*)
I mean, my all time fave, Meryl Streep has got one and she is phenomenal!
Ever wondered why Victoria Beckham doesn't smile much? Cause she doesn't like her dimples. Dimples!! Who doesn't love dimples!?

So here's a note to anyone who feels like their body shape, or height, or facial feature(s) or even complexion is not the 'right' type...the type that is 'accepted' by society.


Why even bother?

And to those who body-shame others, I say to you in the words of Stevie Wonder;

...yes, YOU :)

Sunday, 22 April 2018


I am a sucker for photography, one of the many reasons I love magazines (not to forget the smell of the pages. Yep. I am quite the weird female, I know)

So when I stumbled on these shots by Photographer, Emmanuel Oyeleke on the artiste, Chidinma's Instagram page I was smitten. The simplicity yet charming beauty of each piece warmed my heart. Forgive me. I can get a bit overwhelmed sometimes.

I couldn't help but want to share them on here and even name them as well, which I must say I'm quite impressed with myself *grins*

Take a peek and share your thoughts...if any :)

The Sea

The Sunset

The Lavender

The Ocean 

The Sunrise

The Fire

The Dahlia

Friday, 6 April 2018

Mrs. Pancakes

For those who don't know Mrs. Pancakes, she's a character in Rick and Morty (I blame my friend for getting me on the R&M bandwagon) whose catch phrase is and I quote;

Fun Fact: She happens to be my alter ego.
Once again, I blame that same friend for making it stick.

With relation to that, seeing that most people (who care to take out time to read my ramblings) have no idea about my person, I thought what better way to share some of that than on here.

So if 'you don't knooow me'...I guess you kinda sorta will after this.


Just incase you didn't know *smirk*

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