Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Aloha ma amigos! (Yep. I'm a linguist now. Don't hate.)
It's been too loooong yo! But your girl is back (I've always been around anyway. Not like I took a sabbatical to travel around the world in search of my true purpose in life. I wish).
But I digress...

This post was initially supposed to be about my Easter trip to three West African countries, one of which I had never been to before - Ghana.
But as those technological enemies who don't want me to be great decided to cause my fingers to delete ALL the pictures I took during the trip from my phone, I had no other choice but to postpone the post till further notice.
I am steady working on retrieving those images as soon as I can (so help me God).

But while I was having a conversation with a friend earlier today, we brushed a bit on the sapiosexual trait in well, both of us.
And then a light bulb struck - "Oooh...that could be a perfect topic for my blog!"
So here we are.

For those who don't know, a sapiosexual is someone that is sexually and mentally turned on by smart people. In simpler terms- 'aroused by intelligence' (I like that one better).

I have always been a sucker for tall, dark, good-looking, fit guys (who isn't?) But that is to me, just the icing on a cake.
Another friend of mine always says I am very picky (I do not disagree completely. I mean, everyone has a preference, no?). But the truth is, if I meet a guy who checks all the physical boxes but has nothing to offer on an intellectual level, all the fireworks turn to dust and I'm out. BuhBye!
Like, how can I enjoy a yummy looking slice of cake if all I can eat out of it is the icing and the cake itself is all bland and boring? Err...pass.

When I say 'intellectual level' I don't mean you have to have a vast knowledge in science and stocks or philosophy per say. I mean being witty and smart or intelligent (not necessarily in the 'I-am-a-first-class-graduate' bookworm type of way. Even though THAT could be a super hot add on. Yes, I'm weird, You should be used to that by now.) and also able to hold a conversation about any and everything.

Let's have deep conversations and bounce facts, ideas, opinions and views off each other. You could even teach me about the intricacies of soccer formations and I will tell you a thing or two about what the hidden meaning behind the lyrics of a rock song.
Say things to me that 'make my mind curl before my toes do.'

So go ahead,


Sunday, 17 March 2019

Dear Future Beau,

Are you taking notes? Cause you should.

1. Food is my krypronite. Even Mama-Put is a score cause it kinda shows how 'real' we can be with each other.
Like 'wrap-that-pounded-yam-up-in-our-palms-dunk-it-in-a-chunky-meaty-bowl-of-egusi-soup-swallow-then-wash-it-down-with-a-cold-bottle-of-water' realness.
Sigh. The good life.

But then, if you make the extra effort to wine-and-dine-me-fancy? Honey, now that's a winner.

2. You don't have to try so hard. It's the 'little' things that count for me.
Like creating a playlist of my (our) favourite tracks, witty conversations, sending me flowers just because (nope, I wont get upset and ask you what I'm meant to use them for), evening walks, holding my hand while you drive, randomly sending me lunch at work (yep, food always finds its way to my list), coming by or sending me oddly funny messages to cheer me up, especially when I'm in a bad mood.

3. Communication cannot be overemphasized. It's always been and always will be key for me.
If you're going to be late, if you have to cancel, if you're upset with me, if you're feeling down, if you need some 'You Time', call me, text me, email me, DM me, WhatsApp me. Bottom line, just TELL me. That's all I ask.

4. Oh, sure I do love gifts and surprises too. Those are pretty much just extra chocolate chips on a delicious muffin.
But hey, if you insist, here's a list 😁
- Shoes
- Perfumes (If I could steal every perfume flap in every fashion magazine I so would.)
- Dainty jewellery (tarnish-free is my lowest limit and FYI, that's pretty affordable.)
- Shoes...again. (because, #BigFeetProblems)
and that's about it!

Easy peasy, I know.

PS: 'Complimentary' gifts will very much be appreciated too...if you get my drift 😉

5. Heads-up: I could be a Sensitive Sally some (most) times. So when I whine about say, some human that got on my nerves, in that moment, just 'agree' with every word I say (and I mean, every word) even if I'm wrong, and allow me cool off.
Then much later (I'll say an hour 30 mins should do the trick), you can drink up the truth serum, be honest, and give it to me straight up. Scold me (lovingly) if you have to.
I promise I'll be so chill by then, I won't (mightn't) bite your head off.

6. I'm a private person, but I love public displays of affection. A kiss on my forehead, a peck on the cheek, bear hugs, tickles, cuddling...I'm all about that life, even though I could also be shy at the same time.
But when it gets overwhelming, I tend to want you to back up juuust a little bit, cause sometimes, a girl just needs her space.
I know right? So many ironies! Don't worry, you'll catch up.

7. Getting to meet your friends and family and those important to you means something - that you are proud to 'show me off' as I will be proud to do so with you too.

8. I love quality time. We could just stay indoors bingeing on movies and series with lots of nibbles (of course) and I'll be fine with that. Content even.

9. Another heads-up: Your girl loves to plan hangouts way ahead of time - the venue, the entertainment, the means of transportation...except you decide to surprise me and take the reins, then that's an extra bonus point for you.

10. I've been 'sorting' myself out for as long as I can remember. So much so that it's become a part of me and I could appear a tad bit too independent which sometimes shows up with how I handle my emotions.
I'm used to it. I like that I don't have to 'lean' on any man for support. But the fact is, I'm still human, I'm still a woman, and I do want to be helped atimes...if not most times.
So when I get all tough and distant and act like I need no-one, don't just leave me be. Offer to support me. Offer to be there. Offer to carry my bags. Offer to open the door. Offer to let me cry on your shoulders. Offer, and then make the effort to actually do what you've offered.
Be THAT gentleman.
Chivalry might be dead, but it would be nice to know that it still is very much alive in you.

So there you have it. Go run with it...beau. (because I still can't stand the word 'bae').

Your Future Belle (Urgh. Why does that sound so corny?)

Saturday, 2 March 2019

#rePlayLyrics MashUp: I Like That

The first time I heard this track, I thought it was all about sexuality and yada yada yada which, more often than not, makes me zone out on a song if that's where the lyrics tend towards.
But I liked the chorus, and that was pretty much all I looked forward to anytime the song came on. I mean, it's Janelle Monae guys.

And then, one day, while it was playing, I realized the bridge had nothing to do with sex per say. So I got curious, googled the lyrics and BAM! I got addicted.
Apparently, it more or less sounds like the story of my life.

Excuse her French by the way, even though sometimes it's needed to pass a point across...#JustSayin'

Monday, 11 February 2019

New Wha'? Who Dis?

I am at my desk at work (of course) and the Red Robot has come visiting...steady 'cramping' my style.
So yes, I am in a bit of a mood (beware), restless and bored shitless all at once. What better time to post on here? None!

To be completely honest, I have absolutely nothing to say...or rather type in this case (I'm sure you figured that out already).
It's a few days to Valentine's Day and there's nothing (or should I say 'no-one') new in my life (per say). Oh nawwww...this isn't a mopy 'Oh-My-God-I'm-So-Lonely-And-Valentineless' kinda post. Nuh uh. Trust me.

Right now, the only thing on my mind is my bed, my pillow and my sheets. And a week from today when I'll be off work for 48 hours.
Sigh. Feels like paradise already.

And that's about it. Thank you for allowing me lean on your shoulders for comfort.

Now back to the real world...urgh!

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Blogiversary: Season 3 Finale

Oh wow. I have been at this for three years? Feels good to know I still have a tenacious bone in my body to not have given up on this 'project'. Again, all thanks to the sis for literally forcing me to begin.

Yes, I do agree that I have been in a bit of a writer's block type of situation for a couple of weeks now  (three months to be precise).
Urgh. Who am I kidding? Let me start off the year with honesty. I have been too LAZY to post for three months now cause I was feeling like a bum for no exact reason. So I have got three months worth of content to post on here between today and the end of the month. Sigh.

I will kick that off with my 're-trip' to Dubai during the Christmas holidays. (A 're-trip' because the first time was NOT a vacation that I hoped nor planned for. Story for a whole other day, my friends.)

Seeing as I still do feel like a bum, I'll let the visuals do the talking...or in this case, the typing.

And of course, we start off with...FOOD. :)

Breakfast...Every. Single. Day.

Meet Sir Benedict. *licks lips*

On Christmas Day...
First serving...

Second serving...

And of course, dessert.

To cap it up, here's my first (and last) attempt at eating sushi. *tueh*

Yaaaay! Santa! :D

And the view from the top of the hotel?
Clear skies and elegant buildings.
Simply beautiful.

Refuel meal...cause the waka wey we waka ehn...

   I just HAD to get me some! 

On to the 'adventures' *rubs palms together*

First off, Dubai Parks and Resorts.


So darn creative! #TheLEGODubaiFountain

And a little souvenir :)

Next stop! #Motiongate
(Disclaimer: That wasn't me singing in the background. I promise)

OMG. This ride??? Let's just say I almost peed my pants. 
Well, more like 'we', seeing that my adopted sis and I went bonkers on this one.

*sigh* I could live here FOREVER.

This was soooo much fun! I felt like such a kid! #KungFuPanda

The World's LARGEST indoor theme park??? Yes please! 

Pictures cannot do justice to what we experienced in there. 
But this video should...

Yeup...we did THAT! #Thor

But of COURSE! #SplishSplash! :D

Unfortunately, we couldn't (or rather wouldn't) take pictures with our phones because even though they are water resistant, we still have trust issues. 
Dear Samsung and Apple, it's not you. It's us. Trust me.

Tourist mode...
The Infamous Ibn Battuta Mall 

All shades of magnificent #IBM

The Dubai tourist ritual. Cause you can't visit the Dubai Mall and not take a picture (or better still a video) of this work of art. 


All of the LIGHTS! #BurjKhalifa #CountdownToNewYear'sEve

Just relaaaax...
...and chill

Been a minute! 

 Happy feet :) 

The #ThreeMusketeers #TravelBuddies

In other newssss...
Who do we have here?! 
#FAMBAM! *wide grin*
#TheSister #TheBrotherInLaw and #TheNiblings came thruuuuu!!!!

That's pretty much it folks!
Next post coming up in...(to be honest, I have NO clue)

Saturday, 6 October 2018


This has been an activity I have been waiting, postponing and missing out on all at the same time for months! Asides from the fact that it's soooo hard to get across to the organizers.
But still, I pressed on and didn't give up hope *straightface*

And then, one lucky day,  I checked their Instagram page- @secretcinemalagos and yippeee!!! The date that was scheduled for the next one was more than convenient- Independence Day! *grin*

I decided to invite a friend of mine whose birthday was just a couple of days before then.
Cause we are both 'serial organizers', we planned way ahead to get some drinks, ice cream and pizza. But yet, someway, somehow, our pizza got lost in the delivery lane and we left the venue quite famished *rolls eyes* But then we said, 'Not today Satan. Not today.'

The atmosphere was pretty relaxing as there was some music playing and everyone was just having a chill time lying on the grass, nibbling and socializing before and during the movie. Plus, thank heavens it didn't rain.

The movie of the evening

It's really refreshing to see how much Nigerians are stepping out of the box by coming up with new initiatives that relate to social activities. This is a big plus cause this is so my kind of hangout. Which means, I'll definitely do this again, with the sister this time, seeing as that was the initial plan and she was a tad bit upset (just a tad) that I 'ditched' her for 'man' (well, not exactly in that context)

N.B: And yet another item struck-off my Bucket List! :)

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Splash, Read, Click...Flash!

Ok I am wayyy behind schedule on this post...well for one part of it.

Remember my bucket list? Well, due to life as we know it, I obviously couldn't strike them all out as soon as I hoped. But I am definitely still on track with the target being the Big 3.0 (which is in 3 years time just in case you were curious.)
Now that shouldn't be much of a stretch now, should it?

So far I have got about two more done and two still in progress (cause you wall agree with me that saving AND reading are inexhaustible).

First off, I FINALLY went kayaking (with the sis of course) after she returned from her trip to Zimbabawe and so many months of planning and postponing. Well, the sis is a momma of two now so that pretty much tells you who 'owns' her time. Not that I am complaining, I love my niblings to bits!

The owner of the business, Ms. Diane (we had no idea she wasn't Nigerian untill we met her at the dock) was so warm and patient in putting us through the task.
Just a few weeks ago, we learnt that she passed away. So sad :(
Here is hoping that this awesome initiative won't be put in the back burner now that she's gone.

A couple of months ago in my office, we discovered a truck load of novels that were stored up by an ex-colleague for a project of some sort. 

Just the sight of all these books made me giddy like a kid in a candy store.

There was this one time that I did not go to work for two days (cause YOLO) stayed in bed and read three novels at a go making that four in less than a week. 

In other words, bliss.


Felt like forever since I did that. It was like coming back to my first love (which was way before food found it's way into my heart)

I am not much of a girly girl but I've always wanted to have a professional photo shoot done for my birthday, with the dress up, make up and all the shenanigans that go with it. 
And Anny Robert, my friend and course mate from back in University who happens to be a photographer made the cut. 

Need I say he did a fine job! Some folks thought I was some upcoming celebrity or something.
Ha! Pretty soon this space!

Check out more of his work on Instagram: @anny_robert. So simple, but yet so beautiful.

In other news, here's a picture of my pretty feet in a pretty pair of slippers gifted to me from the pretty sis.
#WithLoveFromZimbabwe ❤

PS: Today is her birthday :)
*and the crowd cheeeeeerssss* HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG SIS!!!